Just A Baby

When Corrie was a toddler, she was short and round; her dark hair cut into a bowl-like shape that would remind you of Scout from To Kill a Mocking Bird. Her cheeks and her legs were the chubbiest; her thighs reminiscent of those gigantic turkey legs you get at the state fair. As adorable as she was, she was a pistol even then. When Corrie would misbehave and Mama would threaten to spank her, I was the first to lobby on her behalf. “Don’t spank her. She’s just a baby,” I’d say to Mom. Corrie’s adorable roundness made her forgivable to me and being her big sister, I felt it my duty to protect her – even when she rightfully deserved the spanking.

Throughout our childhoods and into adulthood, I’ve always felt the need to protect Corrie – despite the fact that she’s grown into an incredibly strong woman, well capable of protecting herself.

So to Corrie: I love you to the fingernail moon and back. Once in a while, in the middle of the mundane and the ordinary, life gives us a fairy tale. I pray it’s everything you’ve ever dreamed of.

And to Chris: love her, cherish her and protect her. Because in her big sister’s eyes, she’ll always be “just a baby.”

Happy Anniversary, baby sister.
…to the fingernail moon and back.


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